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What is a domain and how to choose one?


A Domain is actually the name or address of a website. Just as you have a postal address, in the same way you can have an address for your own website.

A Domain with the help of a DNS (domain name system) translates into a singular numerical code or so called IP address (Internet Protocol) which is identified by computers. When for example, you enter into your web browser www.nbgcreator.com, the computer translates that into an IP address of the server on which your site is located. This process occurs in the background, and which the users of the site do not see.

Domain extensions

The domain extensions can be different. The most widely used are the international ones such as .com, .org, .net. All of these extensions actually represent the descriptive shortened characters of a website:

.com – commercial pages
.net – group or network of people
.org – all kinds of organizations or associations
.biz – companies and private enterprises
.info – undefined, used for different purposes

There are numerous other domain extensions, as well as specific country extensions which actually show the regional location of a website.

How to select, and check the availability and lease a domain?

The choice of a domain is very important, if for a domain you do not simply select the name of your own company.

You need to think and decide for a name which is short, memorable, but which at the same time represents the general contents of your web presentation.

When selecting the domain, you also need to be careful about its availability. A great number of domain names are already taken.

The domain is not bought to be a permanent property, but you actually take it on lease and pay on a yearly basis. It is possible to lease the domain on different internet locations, as well as on our site.

The availability of certain domain extensions can be verified and taken on lease on our site with a click here.

What is a sub-domain?

Sub-domains are usually used for different sections and parts of a presentation such as forum, demo and similar. A sub-domain is made up of a prefix and a main domain, like for example http://demo.nbgcreator.com

Additional domains

There is a possibility to use multiple domains for the same presentation. It is a common practice to take on lease more domains which are then simply re-directed to the main domain and this is done with the aim to increase the visitors’ percentage to the site.

In reality, the benefits of such an access are useless except in rare situations when the domain name is typed in through search engines. However today it is very difficult to find such domains which are available.

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