Wish to create eCommerce website?

We are witnessing that with the Internet development, the world has stepped into a new era in which our habits and capabilities are radically changing. Every form of business is moving to a new level, where the biggest step is the creation of a web store.

e-commerce online shopping illustration

The very idea that every person carries your complete offer in its pocket, which can be accessed in just a few clicks, and can order a product and arrange it to be delivered at chosen location, slowly but surely changes our shopping habits. That is why to create eCommerce website has become the first and basic condition for business development and competitiveness in the market.


Creating an eCommerce website – the path of success

Online shopping is certainly not a trend that emerged yesterday, but it took time to improve its speed and functionalities and to gain customer’s confidence. First of all, it was necessary to make high-speed internet accessible to everyone, both on the computer and on the mobile phone, since online shopping lasting half an hour is of no interest to anyone. Also, the development of the m-banking system has greatly contributed to facilitated and fast payment, although the cash on delivery system is still present. The speed and timeliness of courier services play a big role in the popularity of online shopping, as well. The time through which all serious companies provide quality online sales, as well as additional benefits for those who choose it, was the last step to finally place the Internet shopping into customer awareness and to create a habit for this type of purchase.


Do I really need to create eCommerce website?


Whether you already own a store that you want to expand on the Internet, or have decided to start a business that will only be available online, there are serious benefits of having an online business. In the introduction we have mentioned only one benefit of this kind of sales, its availability. Web shops are certainly responsive - adapted to both computers and mobile devices and tablets. This means that your products are available to virtually anyone at all times. Also, shopping is done quickly, without queues, waiting, and taking the products home. Simply order a product and it will be delivered to you. This represents a new era in shopping that is slowly but surely changing the minds and habits of consumers, making online ordering a basic way of purchasing.

Likewise, the cost of starting a business is not a negligible issue. Namely, to start any kind of business it is necessary to rent/buy adequate space and equip it, while to start an online shop it is necessary to find eCommerce website Development Company and to pay for shop development, which is a far cheaper option.

SEO optimization will take care of users’ interest in your products and your site will be placed at the very beginning of the Google search list, so you’ll be able to catch the eye of anyone interested in one of your products. Each eCommerce website is SEO friendly, which means that it is built fully ready for SEO optimization that comes immediately after its development. Also, appearing on social networks plays a big role and is a great advertisement for your products.


When we realized that designing a web shop is something that definitely works and when we made the decision to enrich our sales this way, we needed to deal with technical details first. In order to develop online shop that fulfills your requirements, inform yourself and hand over this work to an experienced eCommerce website Development Company that guarantees quality workmanship.


Online shop design - price of the service

When it comes to designing a web shop, the price depends first of all on what type of store you’ll choose. For example, making an open source internet store is a cheaper and faster option, but at a cost of quality. Such stores are templates, that contributes to the speed of development, but they are characterized by reduced security, slower page load (they are not intended for those who have a large number of items in offer), as well as the inability to add specific functionalities. So, if you want a quick and inexpensive market penetration and you're not too demanding, this is a good solution. However, if you want a quality product with the high potential, you better decide on the other type of store.

Creating an online store will be more expensive if you choose a custom internet store, since it is a much better solution. It offers a high level of security, fast page loading, even with lots of space-consuming photos, and the ability to offer a large number of products. There are additional features such as: unlimited adding of categories and sub-categories of products, linking with accounting software, conducting promotional campaigns, wholesale module, displaying related products, and many others. So, designing an eCommerce website of this type is more expensive but quality solution that provides the best possible user experience. With a store like this you will make the most out of the online sales.

Once you have decided on the type of the store, it is advisable that you state your requirements clearly to eCommerce website Development Company to ensure that you get what you want. You will also need to provide photos and product descriptions. If you don’t have adequate photos, the companies engaged in online shops development can help with their professional photographic services. After that, all you have to do is to wait for your page to be completed and put into operation.


Web shop and social networks


The often asked question when you want to create eCommerce website is - whether it is necessary for someone who has already managed to develop sales on social networks. Online stores give you possibility to legalize your business, since you can register it with Agency for Business Registers. Certainly, if one has managed to grow a business through social networks, it will be even easier for him to do business through a web store. This step requires an investment in craftsmanship, but you will take your business to a higher level and gain access to more people.

Developing a web store may still seem abstract to some people, but if you take a short stroll through the Internet, you will find that this type of business is very popular. People have recognized the potential to grow a business and become competitive in the market with a minimum of investment. To begin with, find a safe company that provides quality workmanship, and then get into the sales that literally have no boundaries.