Web site design and development


Your website should be your ID, a presentation where potential customers can find out more about you, your products and services.

You need a visually appealing website that needs to follow the UIX design - a website design focused on the user experience. The visitor needs to be able to easily navigate both the desktop version and the mobile version of the website. Text content and information should be accurate and up-to-date.

SEO - site optimization means that websites are technically and content optimized for search engines.


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Izrada i razvoj web sajta


Responsive web design


Website design should be modern, business and end-user friendly. For years now, it has been implied that the website must be responsive - its appearance adapts to desktop, mobile and tablet devices. For many businesses, we record mobile visits that exceed 80% of total visits.

Customizing your website for mobile devices can be easy, by adjusting the entire display and content to the screen resolution. Web programming has progressed and it is possible today that certain content may not be displayed or is displayed differently on mobile devices. Practice has shown that the habits of Internet users through desktop computers and mobile devices are very different, and according to that, the design is adapted to each device individually.

Website structure


There are unwritten rules regarding the website structure that is closely related to trends and established user practices. You will notice that in most cases the logo is on the left or in the middle of the site header, and you will probably never see the logo on the right. The site header that, in addition to the logo, contains the menu, language options, contact phone, keyword search, is now made by standard to be sticky, which means that when you scroll down the page header is transformed and remains always accessible to user so it’s easier and faster to navigate the site.

Extracting content for the homepage, as well as arranging and linking the content of the pages, are crucial for the inter-site movement of users. You must have heard of the "3 clicks" rule, which means that the users get the information they want as quickly as possible (in "three clicks"). On the other hand, when the site has more extensive content, the goal is to keep the users on the site for as long as possible.


Web programming


In most cases, creating a website today is done by the template. The logo, colors and images are different, but on most sites a pattern structure is noticeable. In the backend of the site developers use different CMS (Content Management System) - WordPress, Drupal, etc. or Custom CMS, a system they programmed on their own.

Applying or changing the design or layout of a site is not something you should worry about as it is a variable element on every CMS and is part of the so-called frontend programming. However, depending on the business, it is sometimes necessary to include specific and advanced functionalities or modules. Also, the tidiness of the program code can significantly affect the positioning of a website in an organic search. A good website implies fast loading, as well as good content optimization in order to be accepted by the robot or search engine and well positioned in search.

SEO - Website Optimization


An optimized website is the path to a new client, one that found you through online search. Primary website optimization involves technical code optimization as well as content optimization for selected keywords.

The process of website optimizatio is not a job that is done at once. It involves constant content updating and tracking technological changes anddevelopment. In addition to improving the code on the site, occasionally additional settings are required on the hosting server. Once you have taken the first positions in the keyword searches relevant to your business, it does not mean that you will stay there. Only quality and persistent work on a continuous basis can help you to keep high positions in search results.


The internet has led to changing consumer habits, making it easy to search quickly and compare offerseasily. Today, many businesses without an online presence, could not survive or exist.


... example of Travel agency

Creating a presentational website is intended for legal entities, while for individuals we usually talk about the development of blog portals. Creating of web portals or business directories with informational character differs significantly in the structure of information presented. However, all these types of sites are similar, and their construction is similar. Sites that offer a direct purchase opportunity are known as online stores.