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The use of consulting services that can remove your doubts or help you make a business plan or reorganization is good business practice. Experimenting or using under-trained personnel can lead to wrong decisions, unnecessary costs and slow development.

Our team’s approach is analytical. Only from thorough analysis can quality decisions and plans emerge. The strength of our team lies not only in the analytical approach, but also in the years of experience in operating and developing online businesses for various industries and markets.

As pioneers in the field of web project development, since our beginning, we have been working to educate clients through almost every project. Going into digital marketing and online business development activities, our knowledge and team have expanded. Many years of experience give us the right to say that if you need a business consulting and training agency - you are in the right place.


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Consulting services


SWOT analysis is a vague term, usually abstractly explained in marketing books and almost a mandatory part of modern business plans.

We recognize these four factors through an analysis of your current situation, without going into finance. The image of the company consists of your visual identity, brand recognition, staff training, organizational structure and level of use of modern technologies, number of customers and followers on the Internet in relation to market potential and competition, as well as a number of other factors. The company, its strenghts and weaknesses, can best be viewed by an external associate or expert team.

Market research i.e. research of market potential, can be established today with online tools without major investments and with great precision. People today hardly visit small shops unless they are in transit or located in their neighborhood. The physical world is dominated by large shopping malls. However, in most cases (primarily in the younger population), the search for a product or service begins with an Internet search. Internet search engine data is public and easy to access, however, processing data and converting it into quality information requires experiential knowledge.

Competition analysis is possible in the domain of identifying major competitors, creating a snapshot of current strength and tracking competition activity. Competition on the Internet depending on the activity may be different from the competition from physical world.

Staff training


The rapid technology development is driving changes in trends and consumer habits. Trained staff with good fundamentals and continually educated staff is a guarantee of development.

Knowledge is more than available today thanks to the internet. Knowledge can be gained by attending various courses. Our agency offers unified knowledge - a practical approach, underpinned by theoretical knowledge.

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make is relying on just one person. Our team consists of project manager, marketing manager, designers and developers, SEO expert, social network manager, copywriters, and all of these positions are necessary and involved in project development. Entrusting all the tasks to one person, however versatile that person is, inevitably leads to neglecting or poorly conducting of individual tasks.

We know from experience that the best results are achieved when there is a quality person on the client’s side, with good fundamentals, ready to learn and when there is a mutual trust and commitment towards the same goal. The decision to create an in-house expert team is recommended only to large companies, however, such approach carries the risks of trained staff leaving, so you have to build staff from scratch in certain positions.