Mobile Applications and their use


Depending on the idea and purpose, the mobile applications may have a different purpose. Today, common practice is to design mobile applications that should serve as a tool for the sales team or for the enhancement of internal communication and business organization.

Mobile applications are also the next step in the development of websites that are very popular and visited. Entering a user's mobile device guarantees you a direct opportunity to notify and communicate with the user. Many online stores that have a wide range of quality products, in order to improve sales and motivate customers to buy again, are increasingly choosing to create a mobile app as a next step in their development.

Finally, some jobs today cannot be imagined without mobile applications, e.g. a taxi association. As a taxi association, once you have managed to gain confidence and install yourself on a user's device, it is almost certain (if your service is of good quality) that the user will be the consumer of your services exclusively.

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Izrada IOS i Android mobilnih aplikacija




Choice of technology


The baisic choice is to choose the platform the mobile application will bebased on. Which application do you need iOS, Android or Windows? The Windows platform is definitely the least used, and it applies to all markets. Depending on the country IOS and Android are used almost equally, i.e. none of the platforms should be neglected. So, in order to make your application available (possible to install) for all users, you must create it for all platforms. Most companies, because of their limited budget, decide to build an IOS and Androdid application while Windows is neglected.

The second choice is how the database will be used. Native mobile applications use their own built-in database and are therefore more stable. However, they are by no means recommended for large databases because you need to pay attentionto the space, since in this case you are using the resources of the user's device. The web application actually pulls data through the web servicefrom the server where the database is set up. This approach carries the risk the of possible work interruption depending on the server operation or the risk of slower loading, which depends on the server as well as the networkspeed.

The choice of the platform and the connection to the database depends on the purpose of the application. Improvisation at the expense of investment is not recommended here.


Mobile app promotion


Before placing an app on Google Play or the App store, a promotion plan should be created. In many cases even pre-promotions are done, when users are invited to test the app.

Mobile app promotion is different from website or an online shop promotion, because it is practically promoted as a product. The best promotion for an app starts with using your own resources when you advertise it, as it offers additional benefits to existing customers or users of your services.

Today in the sea of different applications, when phones become cluttered with various icons, when their memory is burdened with every new installation or update of an existing one, you need to offer a competitive advantage or a real benefit to a potential user and a brand they can trust.