Design and Development of an Online Store


Do you know what was the first online store? It was Big Pizza, and most orders were made by phone. Online orders are now possible in various ways, whether you offer products or services, and today's customers are mostly online.

Many businesses today are virtually non-existent without an internet presence. Many start-ups are opting for primary development through the internet, and almost all businesses see the opening of new markets primarily through web presence.

Today's Internet competition is high in almost all industries, but it is still the fastest and most cost-effective way to develop sales activities.

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Online Store creation


Online shops look like each other at first glance, but in fact this is not the case. Depending on the business, the offer volume, as well as the specificity of the target market, products or services need to be presented in different ways. Therefore branding and visual identity are something that you must have, or must build during the process of creating an online store, and later.

Navigating the site, purchasing process, connecting to different softwares, delivery methods, binding and comparison of products, etc., are all different functionalities that an online store must provide. Advanced functionalities that provide certain benefits can be created from the start depending on the budget or added later during the development of an online store with sales promotion as the primary objective.

Quality photography sells the product, so hiring a professional photographer, or using photographic services is essential when designing an online store.


Online sales and payment


Decision regarding the payment methods offered as options on an online shop should be solely driven by consumer habits.

In many countries, when working with local customers, payment on the basis of “cash on delivery” is common. There is no commission in this case, but there are certain risks associated with the possible higher percentage of return of goods, and the payment is made after the goods have been shipped. Card payments are made in advance, but with a certain commission, which in business with small margins can significantly affect profits.

The best payment option for a seller is direct payment into an account, which is facilitated today by the use of electronic banking. Finally, with low-cost products and services, sms billing is possible, but with this method brokers' fees are very high.


Delivery and pickup in the store


Ordering through an online shop with the option of taking over in the shop is characteristic of large chains, operating locally, to improve sales by providing additional benefit to regular customers.

Nowadays, there are no longer businesses that rely on their own delivery, so choosing a courier service is very important. When choosing a courier service, one should not only take into account the prices, but also the quality of the services provided (which can affect the percentage of return of goods), as well as the flexibility and negotiation capacity, especially when you have heavy and bulky goods in offer. The choice of courier service is also influenced by the market in which you operate, as many courier services provide services locally. Finally, you can offer a selection of several courier services and fast delivery options.


Warehouse and link to accounting


It is almost unnecessary to record and track product inventories and linking it with accounting software in the vast majority of small businesses that have a narrow offer or with manufacturers with unlimited inventory.

However, for ease of bookkeeping, in most cases the online store connects to accounting software. Many companies still use outdated softwares, so this connection is difficult and comes down to a simple reading of stocks and prices. With more advanced software, different product associations are possible, automatic discounting, withdrawal and display of discounted prices for wholesalers, etc.


The internet has led to changing consumer habits, making it easy to search quickly and compare offers easily. Today, many businesses without an online presence, could not survive or exist.


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