Digital marketing

Online business development


Potential users of your services or buyers of your products have long been on the Internet. Unlike traditional marketing techniques that have been used for years and have offered a wide range of services and products to a wide target audience, today we can achieve much more with smaller budgets. In the digital marketing era, targeting has become more accurate, and therefore the results achieved are far better.

With the advancement of the digital environment, digital technologies are changing. Yesterday, a desktop computer was the only means by which we could access the Internet. Today, there are also tablets, cell phones. Something new will appear tomorrow. Therefore, in order to be present in the market, but also to progress according to time and new technologies, whether you’re leading a well-known brand or embarking on new business ventures of startups, it is necessary to plan your online business development today, for sure success in the future.

Digital marketing starts with the research of the online market - the power and presence of competition. After that, according to the budget and target market, the jobs and digital marketing techniques which will bring the best results are determined.

Digitalni marketing - Razvoj online poslovanja


Branding & visual identity

By investing in your brand, you create a strong visual identity of your business that will bring you a new customer, but also make the old one a loyal customer who gladly returns.

Market & competition research

Research of the online market and the strength of competition is the basis of all digital marketing, ie planning marketing campaigns and budgets.

SEO - site optimization

UIX web design, technically edited program code, optimized site content according to keywords, as well as continuity in creating new content are equally important for a well-optimized site.

Online business development

Analytical approach, SEM, competition monitoring, digital marketing, visit and conversion analysis, budget planning, planning and implementation of online business development.

Content Marketing

Discover what content marketing really is and how it can help you when presenting, but also positioning yourself on the Internet.

Comunity Management

Promotion of the brand, products and services, communication with existing and potential customers, is unthinkable today without a presence on social networks.

Paid Google advertising

The calculation is simple; if you return two for the invested dinar, the money is smartly invested and you can think about budget increases and market expansion.

Loyalty program

Working with a well-known customer, combining traditional marketing techniques with an online approach, offers a wide range of tools that bring different results depending on the business activity.

Business Consulting

The strength of our team is in the analytical approach as well as in the years of experience in the work, reorganization and development of online business for various industries and markets.