Paid Google Advertising


Google ads represent the fastest way to reach a potential customer or service user.

An internet user, potential buyer, starts online search by typing a keyword or phrase usually through a Google search. Choosing the keywords that will trigger your Google ads to appear, tracking and improving paid campaigns, using remarketing techniques are activities that aim to spend your budget wisely.

The calculation is simple; if you return two for a dime, the money is well-invested and you can think about budget increases and market expansion.

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Competition advantage


A potential buyer has clicked on your Google ad. However, that same user will, in most cases, look at other offers too. For consumer goods - identical products that can be found at multiple addresses, certainly available to advanced Internet users, the crucial element in decision making will be the price. Therefore, the main competitive advantage is - the price.

On the other hand, new or unique products/services require a visually and textually well-designed presentation that outweighs the purchasing decision.

For products and services that are not part of the impulsive purchase group, additional benefits such as a warranty, prompt delivery, return terms, etc., can be significant incentives that affect a potential buyer's final decision.


Keywords selection


Today, in almost every industry, competition is high. Google ads are reserved for the top 4 advertisers, followed by organic search results. Just 4 ad spaces per keyword you select does not guarantee that your ad will be permanently visible, especially when more advertisers are bidding.

The cost of a click varies depenting on the activities of the competition, the importance of the keyword in terms of demand and the optimization of the website itself (landing page which affects the quality score of the keyword).

Choosing options „phrase match” or “exact phrase”, can also have a significant impact on smart budget spending. The ultimate goal of setting up campaigns or Google ads is to maximize utilization of your budget - to get as many targeted customers as possible for as little budget as possible cost-per-click.


Advertising campaigns diversification


Google ads can be diversified within one or more campaigns depending on industry, offer, target market and competition activity.

Google advertising is possible through various advertising channels: classic Google text ads, Google partner site advertising, display campaigns, YouTube channel advertising, etc. The choice of advertising channels is directly related to the type of products and services being offered and the objectives.

If you advertise a product that can be found in different places, at different prices and terms of purchase, a direct Google ad, to a specific keyword , can bring good results, especially if your brand is recognizable in the market. In many cases, when the presence of competition is high, workarounds are sought which, in addition to direct keyword advertising, entail building a brand and targeting the interest of internet users, with the ultimate goal of maximizing the realization of the money invested.


Google Remarketing Ads


Remarketing involves setting up a Google ad and using a specific code that allows tracking the user who visited your site and later re-run the ad to the same user for a period of time.

Remarketing advertising involves budget planning and a long-term approach, and delivers results especially with undecided buyers and advanced buyers who are seeking for the best deal. Finally, remarketing technique produces positive results with the goods and services that do not initiate impulsive buying.

Google ads using remarketing techniques do not necessarily mean big budgets for Google advertising, but they certainly require a long-term and analytical approach.



Advertising is impossible or restricted for key phrases related to alcohol, medicines and pharmaceuticals. Advertising and sharing on social networks is also restricted and controlled for individual activities. Therefore, for such activities, only a long-term investment and online presence on organic searches can yield satisfactory results.


... an example of liquor distribution


Although Google ads are the fastest way to get results, the prerequisites must be met to maximize invested budgets. The prerequisites for a good performance are first of all online market research and competition analysis, then SEO – website optimization, and lastly an analytical approach with results monitoring, which should be followed by campaigns adjustments.