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Always motivated for new challenges


The team of our digital marketing agency consists of motivated professionals in charge and specialized in individual areas. As a team, we follow new trends and technologies and learn from each other. The wider team of our digital marketing agency consists of a large number of associates and specialized agencies.


We provide services to startup businesses, small and large companies. Although the requirements and budgets are different, in line with the size and needs of the company, a professional approach is our business commitment. Complete service in one place, development support, creativity and flexibility are the guarantee of success we offer you.




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You can contact us for advice or consultations regarding questions that our digital marketing agency can certainly answer, based on many years of experience and a large number of clients from various business activities.

Goran Cvijetić

E-Business Development Manager

Dragan Nedeljković

Project Manager
Development Team Leader

Sara Kulić

Key Account Manager

Darko Arizanov

Frontend Developer

Nemanja Lazić

Web Developer

Marija Ilić

Web and Graphic Designer

Katarina Ćasić

Web and Graphic Designer

Ana Stupar

Social media manager

Radovan Cvijetić

Representative of the agency in Switzerland