Sales improvement


Improving sales through loyalty programs involves animating a well-known customer through a variety of techniques. Most loyalty programs come down to issuing loyalty cards, collecting points each time you make a purchase and earn discounts.

Working with a known customer and combining traditional marketing techniques with online approach, offers a wide range of tools that deliver different results depending on your business activity.

Loyalty program - Unapređenje prodaje



Loyalty cards


In a situation where products and services are subject to repurchase, animating a well-known customer by collecting points and joining a loyalty club is desirable. It is a necessary path of business development not only because of growing competition, but a development path in which the client is built in the long run.

Collecting customers through loyalty programs and cards is not only reserved for jobs that have a wide range of products in their offer, but should also be done by companies and jobs where the customer's need for service and various types of improvement or purchase of additional services and products are expected.

Considering the internet literacy of today, connecting the sales of the physical and the online world is inevitable. By transfering customers loyalty from the physical world to the online world, it provides a mutual benefit in a way that the loyal customer has all the benefits at a distance without entering the store, and the seller is actually able to access the wider market without being physically present.


Affiliate Marketing


In various ways, with adequate bonuses, through well-designed affiliate marketing, it is possible to form a sales force without investing in human resources, without obligations in the form of contributions to the state, without paid vacations and sick leave and without a contracts. The best deals with this type of associates are fair and clear compensation for translating the visit into a purchase. Upon realization, the affiliate partner is rewarded for bringing you a visit to the site.

Affiliate marketing, with the choice of good associates followed by a large population or able to reach targeted customers, can be a path of sales development without investing in staff and all the accompanying obligations.


Newsletter i Sms Marketing


The release of newsletter and sms campaigns on purchased lists of contacts is considered spam. Even when the lists are checked and known, such campaigns, in our experience do not produce results, but in most cases have a negative effect on the advertiser's site.

Newsletter and / or sms marketing is good and desirable with known customers to an acceptable extent. Nowadays, Internet users are overwhelmed by mail campaigns, and just as flyers in the physical world actually end up in the bin, most mails are not opened or read. These types of marketing activities- sending advertisements - should be directed to a known customers, moderate and, if possible, personalized.

Personalized messages are based on past interests and purchases. There are also group messages, stock and discount advertising, but crucial thing is that by using this marketing technique you are developing your existing customers by using only your own customer database.


Mobile Applications


For years now, it has been assumed that the website must be "responsive" or adaptable to mobile devices. The use of the Internet by mobile phones, depending on the industry, in most exceeds 80% of total visits to the site.

A well-designed mobile application that offers certain benefits and exclusivity to user is the way to enter the personalized space of the user without the influence and obligation to pay to third parties. Once installed on a user's mobile device, a well-designed and smart system is required, a system that is as personalized as possible, which, in addition to sending push notifications, should subtly collect information about users’ behavior.



Some businesses use global mobile applications due to limited budgets or insufficient awareness. An ideal form of business where mobile applications are used is one where there is a frequent need for repeat purchases. 


...e.g. Delivery Restaurant