Clear communication of the company with the target group


You made it! You offer a quality product or service. Wondering what the next step is? How do you get the customer's attention to buy your product? Is your service what they are looking for or has it yet to be heard? Your goal is to make sales as successful as possible, but how do you reach a buyer? As long as you are wondering what is good for your business, you are striving for success.

Think of your favorite shoe store. What made you to step up to the store for the first time? Was that a meaningful product composition in a showcase? A cozy and soothing atmosphere? Products on discount? Maybe a new collection? Or, brand?

By investing in a brand, you create a strong visual identity for your business, something that will bring you new customers and make the existing ones to return. This is a process that requires a thorough study of the market, your competition and your target group. The main and most important question is: Who is your customer? If you have a clear and precise answer, the complete weight of branding becomes much easier.

Branding & Vizuelni Identitet




Graphic design


Designer is a key factor in the successful start-up of any business. You are skeptical about who to choose and who to tell your story. You are skeptical because your visual identity costs you. This is the first mistake made by an aspiring entrepreneur. Continuous investment in a business that has perspective is tantamount to continued success in its further development. Yes, you can always hand over that job to a young and talented cousin, pay a little and handle the thought: There you go, kid did it, all for free. Then new requirements come, new trends, new tools, new systems, and the kid has started working and has no time to deal with further developing of your brand.

Believe it or not, this is a common situation in our business. Clients come to us confused, wondering why their business is not going well, while they offer quality products. We are here to explain why things developed in unexpected way and what to do next. Sometimes we had to do everything from scratch, because the visual identity at the start was not designed to keep up with the trends ahead. Your arrival in front of an expert, who has experience in his work, is a sign that you care about your business to succeed. If it matters to you how your product or service is presented, it will also be important for the customers to return to you.

Logo - the face of your company


We were introduced to you and your story. Our focus goes to your name, design and your brand appearance in the market. When choosing a name, it is very important to check that the desired domain name is available. Tomorrow you will be creating your first online store. It happens that the chosen brand name does not have a free domain (eg .com). You need to think about these things in advance.

How to get a good name?


Write everything on paper - who is your customer, what are your products or services, who is your competition, what are the colors that characterize your business, would you like to have a clear icon that depicts the company name, etc. Once the idea is clear, further visuals will be far easier to develop. Logo can be a very complex item and therefore needs to be thoroughly researched. Bring yourself to the point where you are 100% sure that this is what you wanted.



What should the logo look like?


  • Recognizable - A good color palette certainly makes a customer to recognize your logo from a greater distance.
  • Memorable - A legible logo is the best logo. The buyer should remember your name. This creates easier communication (by word of mouth) and generates sales.
  • Customizable - A logo can be horizontal or vertical without losing its definition and idea.
  • Clear - The logo should clearly represent the products and/or services you offer.
  • Timeless - Keeping track of trends is fine; their application is certainly desirable in certain segments of your visual identity. Today you made a logo following the latest trends, but think about what will happen when a new tomorrow and new trends come.

How can logo look like?


Choosing the colors of your logo can sometimes create difficult decisions. Look at the products you offer, the interior where you perform your services, the appliances you use, etc. This certainly makes it easier to choose the colors that will represent you, all the rest are shades. How to know what each color represents:


  • Red - Energy, love, excitement, passion
  • Purple - Sophistication, creativity, nostalgia, mystery
  • Blue - Trust, security, responsibility, reliability
  • Green - Ecology, wealth, growth, serenity
  • Yellow - Warmth, motivation, creativity, positivity
  • Orange - Happiness, vitality, fun, availability
  • Black - Value, authority, prestige, sophistication
  • Multicolor - Versatility, limitless, positivity

An important factor in creating your logo is choosing a font that suite your company name. There are the following fonts:


  • Serif font - It is defined by tradition, reliability, professionalism
  • Non-Serif Font - It is characterized by stability, purity, objectivity
  • Handwritten Font - Represents sophistication, accessibility, feminism
  • Rounded Font - Defined by a modern, friendly and open approach

Do you want an icon or avatar that conveys the name of your company to your audience? Each geometric shape has its own design significance:


  • Rounded Edges of Icons - Community, positivity, endurance
  • Sharp edges of icons - Balance, stability, efficiency, masculinity, legislation, science
  • Avatars or Mascots - Gaming, sport, nostalgia, positivity, reliability


Modernization and rebranding


Many strong brands have successfully retained their target audience, although they have had changes in their visual identity. These changes were small, but consistent with the time, without creating confusion in the consumer society. We are free to say that changes of this type are healthy for your business.

Branding - much more than a logo


Logo is the face of your company while branding is the representation of your business to the market. Good branding brings a broad consumer audience. Today the world is stepping fast. Audience easily and quickly accepts new trends. Therefore, you always have to be one step ahead and that is why you need a good business strategy.

Business card, letterhead, folder, stickers, bags, packs, billboards, etc. are the elements that make a visual identity. It is important to form a single style that is applicable to all elements that accompany your business. Build an identity that will make a positive and strong impression on your future clients.

In addition to identity, the company has an image - that is, the impression a brand leaves on an individual.


How do you connect with your audience?


The market is becoming increasingly competitive today. Firms listen to their customers and form the means by which they will retain the old and appropriate new ones. If you want to gain a competitive edge and constantly improve your business and maintain quality, investments in it are guaranteed.

It is important to convey visuals from living and tangible materials to the intangible - the WEB. Yes, social networks bring in a targeted audience, but social networks are not a main form of sales. This can produce a negative customer response. Why? Having no separate space on the web - a presentation site or online store - implies that you do not want to invest in your business. The client does not see the seriousness of your brand. You may reach the wrong audience - more specifically, the one you didn't build your brand for, and that's how you find yourself in the beginning. To prevent this from happening, your goal must be clear with a pre-built strategy.


Presentation site or online store


In addition to the quality aesthetics of the site, its functionality is also very important. Many companies are guided by the phrase “Buying with us will lead to your satisfaction”. Well, this, unfortunately, is often not true. To keep your customers happy, they need to be able to buy easily. Well-designed navigation, clear categories and lists of products or services, customer acquisition through actions, innovative buying processes, trends that will test your business, introducing a cash gift card, etc. - a truly wide range of tools for successful business at your fingertips. Investing in your business is expensive at first, but think about how much your income can later increase. We know the numbers and trust us, it pays off.


Instagram  Facebook


In order for a social media page to be a successful channel of promotion, one needs to be able to adapt to their standards. The buyer is always looking for the connection of your brand between logos, advertising material, the web and social networks. Each channel has its own way of presenting your brand. Each is individual for itself and requires the power of transformation without losing your identity. Quite often a large number of companies also hire a professional photographer or photographic services to get the highest quality photos of their products and the services they offer.


Fear is good, it will always be present when you’re entering something new. You, who strive for success, raise our business culture to an enviable level. Create strong branding and overcome the fear.


... positive fear - the road to success