Online business



Whether we’re talking about well-known brand present in the physical market through a large number of physical objects, or a business that is solely oriented towards the virtual, online marketplace, the path of internet development and the online users establishment is similar.

Internet and technological changes have influenced the change of consumers habits, reaching new potential customers, further development of converting first purchase into loyalty purchases, which is directly related to investments and appearance in the online market.


Search Engine Marketing




Analytical planning approach


Exploring the interests and behaviors of Internet users, analyzing and monitoring competitors activity is possible through a variety of tools with such precision and depth that has never before been possible through traditional means.

Many businesses, due to a lack of understanding Internet and new technologies, an unwillingness and incompetence of internal resources and quick decisions without analytical approach stagnate or have slow development.

Not only does the analytical approach enable you to become more familiar with consumers and their habits and to keep track of activities and new competitors approaches, but you can also plan your budget and spend it smartly on marketing focused on targeted audience, and grow your online business according to customer trends, demand and habits.


Search Engine Marketing


Search engine website optimization is a continuous activity because once established organic search positions need to be maintained and improved, in accordance with competition activity and technological changes.

“Content is a king” is a term that comes from America by SEO experts. SEO texts that are written according to the selected keywords trigger so called robots to visit the site. Such texts not only affect search positions for selected keywords, but also achieve the effect of a live, up-to-date site. A website that becomes neglected over time, with nothing new happening, without new content publishing, ceases to be of interest to robots, and begins to decline in organic searches.

An internet user will, through online search, come to a landing page that is best ranked for a specific keyword. Website owners or administrators often pay the most attention to the homepage, however all site pages are important and, as a whole, represent your Internet appearance. Longer retention and visiting more web-pages are important factors from the point of SEO optimization. However, the quality of the content and the offer, along with a well-designed site structure, have conversion as a primary goal - converting a visitor into a customer or service user.



Digital Marketing


According to the business activity, a visual appearance and a structured website are required. Digital marketing activities are generally divided into three different techniques or fields of activity:


  • Organic Search Website Optimization
  • Social network management
  • Paid Advertising

The most common mistake, especially in businesses that have the potential to develop on the Internet, is the lack of organization and combined engagement of under-trained internal human resources, with the occasional engagement of specialized agencies for individual jobs.

Through the learning period that each business goes through, the decision of the owner or management should be strategic, long-term oriented. Cost reductions are by no means recommended through a marketing budget cut, as smart marketing investment boosts sales.

Whether you choose to develop using internal resources or hire a professional team, an agency, a strategic plan with clearly defined budgets is what brings long-term stability with a development tendency.


Visits and conversion


A visually well-designed website, well-loaded pages, informative and related content, features that allow users to quickly search and navigate are things that influence a user's decision to leave the site or become a customer. This is especially highlighted with so-called impulsive shopping.

The technical term “bounce rate” is the percentage of users who come to the website, open just one page and stay for a split second. Tracking users, improving a website based on users behavior, technically as the ultimate goal has reduction of the bounce rate, which should lead to increased conversion of visitors to the customers.

An advanced website should enable tracking of users' habits and the ability to analyze and segment users. A segmented, personalized, non-aggressive approach is the best way to inform users and build steady customers.