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We all want to perpetuate individual moments at times, and often we all find ourselves in the role of photographer, but in some cases photo services provided by a professional photographer are necessary. Our headquarters are in Belgrade, and if you are planning any special occasion or event, it is best to schedule your photo services in advance so you won’t get in the situation that photographer is already booked. Luckily, Belgrade is a place where you can easily find and book photo studio, field photography, product photography and other photographic services according to your needs. You can later use professional photos for content marketing, your visual identity, or when placing products through online stores and social Networks (Community Management)!

You may not expect a digital marketing and website development agency to offer photographic services, but a professional photographer is very important in our industry. Clients that are starting their own businesses or want to enhance existing ones need quality professional photos of products or services that will meet the highest standards of today's market. Although this generally involves studio product photography with adequate photographic equipment and lighting, as well as quality post-production photo processing, we are able to organize field photography of people, objects, products or services, or events photography, as well as creating panoramas. Whatever place and time you choose, our photographer will honor your wishes! Also, if you need a 3D product view – 360 degree rotation product photos will be provided.

In addition, we can provide photo models of any type: female or male models of all ages! There is also professional make-up as a must-have for getting the best model photos, whether it is a field or studio photography, as well as the services of hairdressers and choreographers. Everything is tailored to your needs!


Photo studio – product photography


When it comes to our photographer, Belgrade is the place where a photo studio is located and where all photographic and post-production services are performed. These services include product photography i.e. photographing of any type of products according to customer needs, as well as taking pictures of models. Well-processed and produced photographs can be used for your online store or website, and can even serve for high-quality offset and digital printing in case you need billboards, flyers, catalogs, brochures, magazines etc.


studijsko fotografisanje hrane


Importance of a good photographer


We all know that a picture is worth more than 1000 words, so it's no surprise that quality photos, as well as good post-production, can sell a product! That's why a talented and experienced photographer is a person you shouldn't skip in your business development. We cooperate with photographers who have been professionally involved in photography for many years, and some of them have built their work experience in graphic design, marketing agencies, printing, web design studio, prepress studios, daily newspapers, magazines, film lighting ... All these practices and knowledge have provided valuable experience that they skillfully apply to photography, so we can confidently guarantee for the quality of photo services.

We are able to provide product photos and panoramic view of objects. This is a specific technique that involves circular shooting, i.e. 360 degrees shooting. Depending on your preference, it is agreed whether the photography will be on every 5, 10 or 20 degrees. Of course, the price varies according to this decision.

In addition to photography, our photo studio - Belgrade also provides post-production photo processing. For these purpose we use programs like Adobe Photoshop that can create different effects on your photos.

Although we are stationed in Belgrade, this is not an obstacle to hire us for photo services in any other place, not only in Serbia but also abroad! Our professional staff will be happy to meet you and provide photographic services in any location.

:  Biljana Radojcic

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