IOS and Android App Development

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to imagine life without a mobile phone. We lie down and wake up with it; it's with us at all times. Children, teenagers, business people, as well as elderly fellow citizens, more and more rely on a mobile phone in their daily lives. What makes these gadgets so much fun and necessary? The truth is that Android and IOS mobile app development has led to the popularity of mobile phones.

Let's look at another aspect; nowadays it is almost impossible to imagine a successful business without developed Android and IOS mobile applications. Companies across the globe, from all industries, have recognized this method as one of the best in accessing, communicating and maintaining customers’ loyalty. So the market became flooded with these little gadgets. For this reason, companies engaged in IOS and Android app development need to insist on creativity and quality in order to provide their customers with an application that will stand out in a sea of similar ones. When designing mobile applications, on the other hand, one must take into account the optimization of content and their promotion, as well as graphic design and visual identity.

There are three basic platforms for which mobile applications are made - IOS, Android and Windows. Companies usually choose IOS and Android app development. It's advisable to build an app on all three platforms, so all potential customers can reach you.


Mobile App Development - Price depends on many factors

When it comes to mobile app development, there are a number of choices and decisions to make, and they all influence the final price. First of all, as mentioned above, it is necessary to decide on the platforms on which the application will be available. Another important factor is how the database is going to be used. In this regard, there are native, progressive and hybrid mobile applications. Native mobile apps are more expensive, but a good choice. They are more stable and work better, without errors or downtime. They adapt to each platform individually and most commonly use their own database. Although they will provide a better user experience, native applications are not recommended in the case of large databases that will burden the user's device. This is very important information today, when there are a great number of applications that we would gladly install on our device. Often, we are forced to make selection according to the space that the application will occupy on our phone.

Progressive and hybrid mobile applications are emerging from the need to reduce costs. They have a database set up on a web server, from which they pull data through the service. While this is a more cost-effective solution, progressive and hybrid mobile applications can have minor downtime or slower loading if there is a problem on the server or service, where their speed is also affected by internet speed.


IOS App Development - price follows quality

In every business, even when it comes to IOS app development, it is of the utmost importance to entrust the business to a safe, trusted and serious company that will provide a quality product. This activity has become extremely popular, due to the growing demand for application development. A large number of companies that offer their services have appeared on the market, so one must be careful when making a choice.

When it comes to IOS app development, the price is the same as for creating an application on the Android platform. The difference is in programming languages, since IOS applications are built in the Objective-C, while Android applications require a Java programming language.


Mobile application as a powerful marketing tool


Good advertising means that your potential customers know about you. This is why dissemination of information is crucial, so companies use every opportunity available to reach their potential customers. Creating a mobile application will not only serve your customers, but above all it will be a good advertisement. Only by installing the app on user's mobile device, you achieved half of the overall marketing goal. This is followed by using the services itself, where it’s important that the application is of high quality and interesting design, in order to attract and retain the attention of users. That is why it is important to entrust mobile app development to a successful company that will be able to provide a quality product.

Promotion plan is the next step, before placing an app on Google Play or the App store. The application needs to be promoted. The best way is to present it as a product which will offer additional benefits to existing and potential customers. Often, pre-promotion is also done when users are given an application for testing. This step is of the utmost importance as users can rate it best, while suggesting any changes that might be appropriate.

Nowadays, when competitiveness is strong in all fields, something that will certainly improve your business is the mobile app development. The price you’ll pay is certainly less than the benefits this act will bring to your business. Our experienced team will be happy to assist you with creating the application that will satisfy both, you and your customers.

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