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Please, be sure to read:


Purchasing and further use of our software solutions and related services, you accepted the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE (LICENSE AGREEMENT - see in the text below) on the legally binding manner.




Web site location, all products (software), services, and other materials are protected by copyright, trademark law, a typical package, patent, trade secret and other intellectual property and proprietary rights (Intellectual Property Rights).




By using www.nbgcreator.com web sites or other sites of our partners and agents, who are related in any way to these terms of use, including using, transmitting and downloading all the services, software and other materials that are available, or browsing the content, you agreed with the general conditions of use.

In compliance with the provisions and rules of this Agreement, by signing a contract you became obligated, or by clicking the appropriate button (purchasing on the site), downloading, installing, activating and using the software or other services, you or the company on whose behalf and account you perform these activities.



  • All terms and conditions are applied to all NbgCreator products, as well as possible future improved versions or additional modules and upgrades.
  • Purchasing software you become the owner of the limited license. All sites created with NbgCreator’s software solutions must keep their license mark (logo nbgcreator) placed in the bottom of the page, and within the software itself, if a special license that allows this is not leased.
  • The license you receive by purchasing applies only to one Internet domain. For additional domains license must be purchased separately or bought up, under the current prices.
  • It is possible to use it within the group. For all cases of abusing by a third person or persons connected with him/her, to whom the owner allowed access, the license owner is responsible.
  • Sales, redistribution or forwarding to third parties, is not allowed.
  • Software modification and upgrading is allowed. Upgrading with modules and solutions of a third party is possible, and approval is not required. Sales and redistribution independently upgraded solutions is not allowed.
  • Modification and changes, which affect the decoding of the code associated with the protection of the license and the elimination of the trademark, shall be treated as abuse.
  • This agreement guarantees that all errors and inaccuracies, as well as overlooked in designing and testing, will be eliminated as soon as possible. If this occurs, the buyer is not entitled to the refund or any compensation.
  • All the inaccuracies caused by the customer or a third person, done with modifying of the code, damaging during the process of installing a module manufactured by third parties, will not be eliminated. In such cases, when the buyer has a unique number of the license, it allows him to re-download software under the current price list.
  • All information about the buyer, as well as a unique license number is stored in our database. All confidential information will not be abused or distributed to third parties.
  • Software is not to be used for making sites and propagating pornographic content, contents that are related to children exploitation, for propagation of religious, racist, and ethnic hatred, terrorist activity and all other content against nature and humans. In cases where institutions such contents are determined, sites that propagate them will be blocked, or the trademark will be stripped of from these sites.




The User of the Service will place all its efforts to prevent the Service from being infected with any "worms", "viruses", "Trojan horses" or other programs or programming devices that might be used to modify, delete, damage, deactivate or disable the software, computer hardware or data of *nbgteam.



  • Copyright License - purchasing of this license you shall acquire the right to eliminate of "NbgCreator" mark and set your own mark.
  • Exclusive rights - include "Copyright License", also exclusive rights to sell and distribute further the software under your own name on your own web site.




For online customers with the card, downloading, and installation of software is available immediately after purchasing. Customers who are purchasing in other ways, which include certain time limit for payment verification, will be able to download when the payment is checked.

A free service of domain settings, installation, and hosting the site are possible to ask during purchasing or after the purchase is done, but not later then 30 days after the software is delivered. When the deadline of this service is expired, you can ask for these services but under the current price list.




Free support includes installation, setup the domain and the server, the delivery instructions for using the server in a written format, as well as the obligation to eliminate software bugs.

Upgrades and maintenance services of software and website made by using the software can and cannot be understood as support services. These services will be charged extra and under the current price list.




The software purchasing doesn’t give you the right for free delivery services or to use completely new or upgraded software versions.




After the software is bought, refund is not possible. If you find an error in the purchased software, it is necessary to notify us, so the error can be corrected at no additional cost.


Refund is not possible if:

  • you have suddenly changed your mind
  • you did not check system requirements for software installation
  • you have determined that our software does not meet your requirements
  • you were not able to install software or later, you do not know to use it
  • you have lost a domain or decided to change the domain. New domain means buying new software.




*nbgteam will collect no personal information about you when you visit nbgcreator.com website, unless you choose to provide us with that information.

Any and all non-public information of any form obtained while using the Service is considered or shall be considered as confidential and proprietary information. Such information is to be held in strict confidence and is not to be copied, recorded, nor reproduced through any medium, sold, assigned, licensed, and marketed. The information is not to be transferred or otherwise disposed of to third parties.




*nbgteam holds the right to modify the Terms and Conditions of Use at any time. The modification will be effective upon posting. Please have in mind that these terms may also be modified by separate agreement between you and *nbgteam.


Using the web site (www.nbgcreator.com) and buying NbgCreator’s software, you acknowledge that you have read the document about the Rules and Terms of Use the web site and software.