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Our philosophy is to always provide our customers with the best and most effective solutions,
moreover, we are fully aware of the fact that a satisfied customer is our best recommendation!

For our customers who purchase one of our packages - our services are FREE of charge!

  • Free Hosting in the first year!
    Hosting can be upgraded or extended according to the price list for hosting services ... please have a look here
  • Setting up the domain!
    To set up a domain on our server, it must be configured the so called “DNS Name Servers”.
  • Installation!
    It suffices to contact us! Our team will do the installation for you and other necessary settings.

Other services

Our web solutions are not final and unchangeable!

By purchasing any of our nbgcreator packages, you can still request for specific changes which you are not able to complete on your own, you can always contact us for help. Our experts in different areas will be pleased to hear your ideas and give you advice in order to complete the changes yourself.

Site administration and maintenance

If you do not have enough time to administer the contents of your website, please contact our team, we are always there for you! From the moment you contact our office we will be able to efficently determine the work volume and set up the best possible price.

Services, presentation’s graphic design

  • Graphic design - A unique solution!
    Based on your requirements, we will make a graphical solution for your home page and other template pages. Together with you, we will reach the final web solution, which is set on air only after your approval.
  • Graphic Design - Advanced solution!
    Our team is better acquainted with your business and your competition. Thanks to the exchange of ideas with our customers, together we come to the final visual content and solutions for your web presentation.

Flash animation and specific modules

When developing flash animation it is very hard to determine the exact cost, without a more detailed introduction to the task. On some of more complicated flash animations our experts spend countless hours. On the other hand, the duration of the flash animation in seconds is not applicable for the prices determination, because some may be very simple and yet, very long!

Having said that, we do not want to charge for flash animation per working hour nor per duration in seconds. Therefore, we set up an approximate price for making the flash animation, for which you need to contact us prior for consultation purposes.

Translation services

Currently available languages:

  • Serbian
  • English
  • French
  • Portuguese

Measurement unit for translation services is one page in Word, which contains up to 1800 characters (60 characters by 30 lines), including spaces and punctuation marks. Depend the volume of material that is translated, we can give discount, up to 30%!

Making banner for Internet promotion

  • static image + text
  • animated images + text
  • flash animated banner

Note:  All images used are included in cost of production. Banners are made in desired dimensions.

We also provide:

  • Programming Services
  • Consulting and Internet Marketing

These services include market research and research of your competition. Based on the analysis, and according to the budget and the needs of enterprises, Web site is adapted and a plan of promotional campaigns is developed.

Promotional campaigns may include:

  • Design and production of printed and other promotional materials
  • Banner making and their setting up to selected sites
  • Designing ads for print and web media (per-click advertising - Google, Yahoo, Facebook)
  • TV commercials production
  • Organizing and conducting presentations and events
  • Tracking and analyzing campaign performance and their adjustment

Given the wide range of services, the cost can be determined after the interview with customer.