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Hosting adapted to your needs

For new clients, users of our services, or buyers of CREATOR PACKAGE, we offer


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We have tried to simplify this process as much as possible. For more experiences users, this process will last about 10 minutes

For users who come across terms such as domain, hosting, database, for the first time, will need more time, but with a little bit of effort will manage to learn new things.

Users who do have trouble, or do not have enough time, can always contact our support team, when buying the product or later. This service is free for all buyers.


This process is composed out of multiple simple steps:

  • Domain registration (if you do not already have one).
  • Domain adjustments if you have not bought the domain with us, but wish to keep the site hosting with us.
  • Hosting registration with us or another company if you do not already have this.
  • Transfer of all installation and systematic files on to the hosting server.
  • Creation of a Database which will safeguard all the contents of your future site.
  • Finally, the installment process lasts only 2 minutes and your site is ready.