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Ultra Green Hosting

Our leased servers are located in a protected environment, which provides a continued and advanced cooling system. This revolutionary idea is an ecological and friendly solution, and at the same time enables a minimized energy expenditure. All of our clients at the same time invest and help in the development of this program!

All packages are Linux supporting the hosting of sites and applications developed in HTML, PHP or Flash technology, as well as MySQL database.


Changing the selected hosting package with another is possible and is done on request at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Upon request, if none of the offered packages are suitable, it is still possible to select hosting as specified.

If you are not satisfied with the services of your current provider, you can take on lease only the hosting service without baying one of our products. In these cases, we'll be glad to provide a FREE transfer service.




Disk space 500 MB 2 GB 6 GB
Bandwidth 5 GB 10 GB unlimited
E-mail addresses(POP3) 50 100 unlimited
E-mail forwarders
Auto Responders
Webmail access
Virus/Spam filter
MySQL Database 5 20 unlimited
CGI/Perl scripts Programming
Control Panel (Administration)
FTP access 1 10 unlimited
Domains 1 10 unlimited
Subdomains 20 unlimited unlimited
Daily Backup
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What is web hosting, and what is it used for ?

In order to first consider a web hosting, you need at least one domain where you will open the hosting. Later it is possible to add additional or unlimited domains depending on the choice of the hosting package. In order to check the availability of a domain, click here.

Web hosting represents an area on the hard disk of a server, which is adjusted to show different Internet contents, and which is provided by the hosting provider. The server is constantly connected to the Internet, and the hosting provider holds the right to, during the length of a year, disconnect this access for a short instance, in cases where a build-up of the server or software is needed.

Alongside each hosting package, an administration access is enabled. Through this access, you will have the possibility to independently add domains and sub domains, create your own e-mail addresses, and information database, install specific applications, open up ftp requests and other functions.

The FTP request, combined with ftp tools, is used for the transfer of different contents from your computer to the hosting server and vice versa.


How to choose the adequate hosting package?

You need to make an estimate of Your real needs. Depending on the size of your site, or the number of pages and specifications of the contents (video materials have a strong influence), think about the hard disk space and the information flow. So you choose the package in accordance to the site size and the expected monthly visitor percentage which influences the information flow (bandwidth).

Also think about how many e-mail addresses, domains and information database you need.